When you retain a Dallas personal injury attorney to represent you, they will begin taking action to fight your case, while you relax and focus on getting treatment for your injuries. An investigation will begin to uncover and collect all evidence that supports how the accident happened, making sure all responsible parties are put on notice. You will receive assistance with collecting disability benefits or other types of applicable insurance coverage that can help you financially until your case is settled or a jury comes back with a verdict.

In some cases it’s possible to get plaintiff funding if you are falling behind on your financial responsibilities. When you have finished treating your injuries, or have reached a point in your treatment where it’s clear how permanent your injuries will be, it’s time to begin the negotiation process. Your Dallas personal injury attorney will collect all of your medical records and send a demand package to the insurance company.

For larger cases with more serious injuries, the case will already be proceeding towards trial, for smaller cases it often makes more sense to try to negotiate a settlement before filing a lawsuit. Your attorney will advise you of any settlement offers that are extended and either recommend that you accept them or advise you to hold out for more money. It is always the client’s decision whether or not to accept a settlement offer. If the insurance company does not extend an acceptable offer, the case will proceed to trial, but it’s important to remember that it’s still unlikely that it will actually go to a verdict. The vast majority of cases are settled before a jury comes back with a verdict, including on the eve of trial.